Palm Island

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Miami Beach
Price Range: $11,900-$28,500,000

Palm Island Description

Palm Island Miami Beach is a large land mass belonging to a group of manmade islands on Biscayne Bay visible right before you enter the city. Being surrounded by luxurious residential islands, Palm Island is often lost in the fanfare of Star Island and the Venetian Islands, yet it offers quality property that is as good if not better than its neighbors. Centrally located in Biscayne Bay between downtown Miami and Miami Beach, Palm Island boasts luxury real estate in a perfect location. The Palm Island homes are amazing and if you’re a sailing aficionado, you’ll love them even more.

Palm Island real estate varies in size and style but all the homes exude affluent appeal simply because of the superb location.  The homes can have up to eight-bedrooms with nine bathrooms and 14,000 square feet of living space. Not only do some of these properties meet all the standards of a luxury Miami Beach mansion but some even resemble a hotel set up for a single occupant. The lifestyle that can only be enjoyed in Palm Island is worth the asking price of these marvelous homes.

Right across the street from Palm Island is the MacArthur Causeway which provides access to Miami Beach and downtown Miami to the east and west, respectively.  Considering both places have tons of things you can do, it’s ultimately your decision on what “tickles your fancy” on any given day.

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