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Updated: Wednesday, November 20, 2019

You Dont Need 20 Down and Seven Other Myths That Are Getting in the Way of Homeownership

You need to be well-established in your forever career

There has been a lot of discussion about how millennials are waiting longer and longer to purchase homes. As a result of their consequent struggle to save,nbsp;millennialsnbsp;are delaying major life milestones like getting married and buying a home, said Business Insider.

Nonetheless, there are still millennials jumping into the market because, even know their name isnt yet on the door, theyre excited to have a home in their name. Having a stable job, a comfortable salary, and the desire to own a home may just be enough.nbsp;

Sure, you might not be ready to buy the house of your dreams or move to the neighborhood where you can imagine raising kids and, someday, retiring, but that doesnt mean youre completely out of the game. A smaller place closer to work or an attached property can, quite literally, get your foot in the homeownership door and allow you to start earning equity.

You have to be completely out of debt

Recent data shows that nearly half of all undergraduates are delaying homeownership because of student loans. According to a recentnbsp;Federal Reservenbsp;study,nbsp;a 1,000 increase in student loan debtnbsp;lowers the homeownership rate by about 1.5, equivalent to an average delay of about 2.5 months in attaining homeownership, said Clever Real Estate. For the average college debt holder with 37,000 in debt, that ends up being about a 7.7-year delay in their path homeownership.

Regardless of your debt, whether its from student loans or credit cards, it may still be possible to qualify for a mortgage and afford the payments, especially because rents are often comparable to mortgage payments. Mortgage underwriters dont expect homebuyers to be debt-free; In fact, having no debt might actually work against you. They like to see responsible credit use and management.

You need to have a family

Yes, many would-be homebuyers hold off until parenthood is looming, because theyre not ready to move to the suburbs, get married, and have kids. But, a third of todays new homeowners are unmarried, according to CITYLAB. The shift is detailed in anbsp;new working papernbsp;from Harvard Universitys Joint Center for Housing Studies, in which researchers crunched demographic data from HUD and from American Housing Surveys taken every other year between 1997 and 2017. Perhaps the most notablenbsp;departure from 20 years ago is the marital status of new homeowners. According to the paper, the share of married buyers declined from 61 percent in 1997 to just over half by 2017. Meanwhile, 35 percent of first-time homebuyers in 2017 had never been married.

You need to be a man

There was a time when single women wouldnt even have considered buying a home on their own. That time has clearly passed. According to the National Association of Realtorsnbsp;2018 profile of home buyers and sellers, single women homebuyers outnumbered single male homebuyers bynbsp;2 to 1

You need a 30-year conventional loan

There are tons of different loans that can help you purchase your first home, make payments more affordable and/or give you the flexibility you need to make homebuying affordable. FHA loans are among the most well-known and most popular loans for first-time buyers because they require just 3.5 down and have low credit score requirements. Other loans worth looking into depending on your circumstances include: government VA loans for veterans; USDA loans for properties in rural areas; and loans like Fannie Maesnbsp;Home>

You need to have great credit

If your score isnt in the 800s, or even the 700s, it doesnt mean youre going to be living that apartment life forever. You might be surprised to see the credit score minimums for some loans. While there is no official minimum credit score for a home loan approval, the minimum FICO credit score for conventional loan approvalnbsp;tends to be around 620, said

It has to be your primary home

Some rich urban millennials are choosing tonbsp;rent in the city and buy a vacation homenbsp;instead of a primary residence, said Business Insider. Meanwhile, some other savvy investors are continuing to rent and plunking down money to purchase homes in tourist-friendly locations so they can take advantage of the AirBNB craze. According tonbsp;Priceonomics, hosts on Airbnb are earning more than anyone else in the gig economy and are raking in an average of 924 a month, said Travel amp; Leisure. Airbnb hosts make nearly three times as much as other workerswith some hosts making more than 10,000 per month.nbsp;

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Are You Buying For The Right Reasons?

In the push to buy, have you stopped to decide what is driving you into homeownership in the first place?
With this in mind, are you sure youre well equipped to buy whats best for you?

The U.S. Census Bureau, which recently >


Of the nearly 123 million occupied housing units in the US, almost 57 percent of them are owner occupied.
Although homeownership rates were highest in the Midwest 69.0 percent, homeownership levels have not statistically differed from rates a year ago in the Midwest, Northeast, and West.

Homeownership is valued and is a persistent trend, but not an escalating one. Existing homeowners bought for a variety of reasons over a wide time frame. Some love where they are and what they bought; some are disgruntled; some are planning to move again for reasons that matter to them.

What is your main reason for buying a house? That is, how will owning a home improve your life and that of your family?

Six Top Reasons For Buying A Home

Prioritize the following list of Six Top Reasons For Buying A Home to clarify exactly why you are buying real estate and how to do it well:

1: To Gain More Living Space

Has your family expanded or are you launching a home-based venture? Or, do you just love the idea of room to spread out, inside and outside? Space costs money, so if you want to keep costs down, smaller is better. How have you arrived at your desired square footage? Just following the pack or is it based on experience? Clarify whether you need more space for living and sharing or for storing your ultimately-expendable stuff.

Reality Tip: Good design is more valuable than square footage. Cleverly-designed traffic flow, room placement, storage utilization, lighting including windows and skylights, and interior decor including furnishings can make a small house feel like a spacious home. The more you learn about how good design pays off, the more effectively you can evaluate the true value of any property you view.

2: To Further Career amp; Income Development

If a location puts you near work, clarify how stable the employer and your job are. However, if mobility and career flexibility are essential to your chosen profession, buying a home now may not be the best plan. If career research confirms that you may have to move out of the area in a few years to get ahead, you might not recoup the cost of buying and maintaining a home in that short ownership period. Renting may be the best approach.

Reality Tip: If you love this location and hope to return to it when your career is established, buy now and rent out the house while your career takes you away. This property can function as collateral for buying more real estate and will provide income and equity-building potential. If you love the location, this strategy may keep you from being squeezed later out if area prices increase while youre away.

3: To Find a More Affordable Location

If all you can afford to do in your current area is rent, buying a home will probably require a move to a new area. How does that balance against commuting costs, work potential, amenities, and what you love about where you live now? Do the math: is it better to rent and save to invest, or buy elsewhere? Ideally, housing costs should be 30 to 35 percent of gross income. Have experienced real estate professionals fill you in on the benefits and realities of living in new areas youre considering. For instance, even if you dont have kids, local school quality will still have a big impact on how quickly your new location appreciates. Dont just wander around online. Spend time walking and touring the new areas. Before you invest time looking at a lot of houses, this complete reality check will let you know whether the shift to a less-expensive neighborhood or a move further out of town makes life>

Reality Tip:nbsp; To stay in the area that means a lot to you, you might consider the shift from a detached house to an attached townhome or even a condominium. Townhomes, condominiums, and lesser locations all tend to appreciate in value more slowly than detached homes and highly-desired locations, so consider the long-term costs of settling for less at the start.nbsp;

4: To Invest amp; Build Equity

Determined to improve your finances by investing in a fixer upper and building sweat equity through do-it-myself renovations? The savings can be amazing, especially if you buy the best location you can afford and take advantage of the value your improvements and location add. If you are not trained or experienced in construction, invest time locating contractors who deal fairly and who have a lot of on-the-job experience. You dont want to pay them to learn on the job. Cheap quotes and fast talk can be expensive in the long run. Recent home buyers hired a renovator to get the 30-year old home they bought looking good and to renovate bathrooms and the kitchen. That all went well, but serious problems with the foundation were glossed over by the renovator who had no experience with foundations and water issues, just decor. Those homeowners overspent on renovations and now have to refinance to tackle foundation repairs.

Reality Tip: Renovating a home yourself or hiring experts is very doable, but dont confuse what you want with reality. Because you have and want to spend only 30,000 does not mean your planned changes will cost 30,000. Take the time to cost out construction changes and include a healthy contingency fund for surprises. Once you agree in writing on renovation details with your contractor, avoid changes. Changes drive the budget up and dont always improve the outcome. You may benefit from investing time and perhaps a few hundred on a short consult with an interior designer or architect. Theyll fill you in on common renovation problems and usual errors before you start.

5: To Move Ahead In Spite of Everything

Have you stayed out of the real estate market because sluggish wage growth and increasing debt make your dream home seem less affordable every year?

Time for a redo of that dream. Search out a real estate professional who specializes in helping first-time buyers maximize their advantages to make a solid move into real estate. Thats the professional who is very interested in helping you buy well, so youll come to them when its time for you to sell and move up.

Reality Tip: In your mind, separate interior decor from building condition and design. Decor offers a superficial, and often do-it-yourself, fix while changes and improvements to the building can be expensive, but, done well, add space and utility. Buy real estate with solid bones and the best location you can afford. The rest is paint and imagination which can take place gradually as you get to know the building and what really works.

6: To Live More Green

Research will be your friend here. Technology and materials may be labeled green, but they are not always as effective as advertised. They may also be much more expensive. If you want to go green, make sure you know what you and everybody you hire are talking about. One home buyer opted for many environmental systems in his new build. He did not investigate installation requirements but >

Reality Tip: Environmental features can include building orientation, window placement, energy-efficient appliances, lighting, HVAC systems, landscaping for energy conservation, and long-lasting materials and technologies. A home office can be an environmental feature if it saves on commuting costs. The time spent talking to homeowners who have successfully created environmentally-sophisticated homes will be priceless. Learn from their mistakes and mis-spends, not yours.

Clarify why you want to buy a house and youll know what you need to investigate and understand before you start the actual search. This is how to guarantee youll make informed decisions about the best fit.

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Co-Signing? Consider These Points

The first is realizing what happens if someone you co-signed for defaults on a loan. A lender typically wont foreclose on a property until two or three payments are showing up as more than 30 and 60 days past the due date. A single late payment wont start foreclosure proceedings but more often than not when these payments become seriously delinquent the co-signer remains in the dark until things start to deteriorate rapidly. If you co-sign, make sure you get copies of monthly statements for the mortgage and monitor them closely.

Another thing to consider >

Opening up new credit accounts will also affect your credit balances. By co-signing on a mortgage, the new payment, including principal and interest, taxes, insurance and mortgage insurance when needed, will be tacked on to your own personal debt. Should you decide to apply for a new mortgage or other larger purchase on credit, the amount you currently owe can affect whether or not you can obtain an approval.nbsp;

Maybe a gift would be a better option? To help someone qualify by co-signing, youre just as responsible for the mortgage as the primary borrower. Instead of co-signing, and you have the funds available, consider providing some financial assistance in the form of a gift. This would lower the amount borrowed and make it easier to qualify. Providing a gift also leaves out any longer-term solution. Co-signing means youre on the existing note. A gift can help but doesnt affect your credit lines. And if you do agree to co-sign, ask if this would be a long or short term situation. Do the primary borrowers need help as it >

And one final note here about co-signing. If one or both of the primary borrowers has damaged credit, co-signing wont help. When there are multiple borrowers on the same application, lenders use the lowest middle credit score of all the borrowers. If your credit score is 780 and their qualifying score is 500, you credit wont help. The lender will use the 500 as the qualifying score and likely headed for a turn-down.

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The Power of SEO How to Grow Your Online Presence

What is SEO?

When a user searches a keyword, Google presents them with a ranked list of results. Those links have been evaluated and ranked by an algorithm for popularity, >

To put it simply, SEO is how you refine your online presence to make it rank higher in the search results, and thus be more visible to the people youre trying to reach.nbsp;

How to Use SEO

The big search engines like Google and Yahoo are constantly evaluating websites and adjusting their rankings. Theyre looking at factors like keywords, the quality of a websites user experience, the type of content it offers, and its nuts and bolts aspects like URLs, images, security, and viewability to decide how useful that website would be to search users. So it stands to reason that youll want to adjust those aspects of your website to improve your ranking. Lets cover a few of the most important in more detail.

Leveraging Keywords

Lets start with the basics. Keywords are going to be the foundation of your SEO efforts, because keywords are how your users are going to find you.

Think of it as a matchmaking exercise. Your ideal customers are out there, looking for you, and to find you, theyre searching for various keywords. In order to connect with those ideal customers, you have to discover those keywords, and incorporate them into your website. Only then will those searches start landing on your site, which will lead to those customers clicking through.nbsp;

Whether youre trying to rank for a keyword like sell my house if youre in the real estate space or 1031 exchange in the investing space, its important to update your articles regularly to ensure they have correct information and are the best results possible, so Google will list them first.nbsp;

An important note on keyword research: many businesses put a lot of effort into keyword research in the beginning, and then never go back to it. Then they wonder why their web traffic plateaus. Google is constantly adjusting their search algorithm, which means that websites have to adapt if they want to maintain their ranking. Remember that keyword research is a constant, ever-evolving process.nbsp;

High Quality Content

As recently as a few years ago, SEO was seen mostly as a struggle to get users onto your website: raw clicks were king, and what users did after that initial clickthrough was more or less ir>

Google now measures how long users stay on your website after they click through. If too many users bounce right back to the search results after a few seconds, your site will likely be designated as low quality, and its ranking will sag.

So how do you get users to stay on your site? Theres no magic bullet here: if you want users to stay on your website, you have to offer that high quality content. Listicles and short videos wont get the job done in 2019: today, with so much consumer web traffic being driven by cost-conscious and community-minded millennials, the best way to hold onto eyeballs is to provide rich, informative, educational content.

One of the best ways to do that is with longform content. This might seem counterintuitive in an era of reduced attention spans, but the numbers show that most users today want to be educated, and that many websites are seeing great results with pieces of 2,000 words or even longer.

Dense Internal Linking

Another way to boost your SEO is with internal linking. This is effective for two reasons.

One, SEO is an inexact science, and user behavior is hard to predict. Once a user clicks on your link, they may realize that the page they landed on doesnt offer exactly what theyre looking for. But if youve provided a sidebar of >

Second, even that initial click got the user exactly what they were looking for, the right selection of internal linking can entice them to spend more time on your site. Not only does this increase brand awareness for you, but Google notices when users click deeper into a site, and incorporates this information into your authority rating. And having a strong authority rating puts you on the fast track to the top of the rankings.

A Pleasant User Experience

Theres never been more competition for consumer eyeballs. So how your content looks and reads is as important as the substance of that content. If your website is unsightly or clunky, your customers wont hesitate to click over to a competitor.nbsp;

If youre going to follow the trend toward longer content, make sure that your content is readable and unintimidating. Think short paragraphs, punchy sentences, and plenty of white space to give your pages visual appeal. Also consider incorporating visual aids like infographics and short videos to make the material more digestible.

Dont forget to optimize the nuts and bolts of your website, too. Make sure your site is crawlable by properly naming images, making links >

Be Patient

Above all, keep in mind that SEO is an ongoing process, and a long one. Google adjusts its algorithm hundreds of times a year, so the results of your SEO adjustments will take a little time to gain traction. Some experts estimate that it can take a full year for the benefits of an SEO campaign to impact your rankings.nbsp;

Refining your sites SEO is like climbing a mountain. Be diligent, be consistent, and be patient, keep moving upwards, step by step, and before long, the top will be in sight.

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5 Designer Tips on How to Mix and Match Furniture

Dont stress by following only a few tips, you will be able to easily shape and >

Allow yourself to indulge and buy a few signature pieces and accessories to fill in the gaps in your designs and you will have a space you will be happy to call your home.

1.nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; Choose a >

When you begin your journey of design and mix-and-matching furniture, the first thing you should always consider is if you like what you are creating and if your space represents you. The area in which you are designing should resemble your own personal taste in >

By doing so, the end product of your journey will be one you love. It will inspire you to make your styling journey an ongoing one and to stay active creatively.

2.nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; Mix and Match Your color like You Mix and Match Your Furniture

As chic as an all-white bedroom seems, with pure white goose feather filled pillows and seashell pinch pleated curtains, why not add some bright and exciting colours like blue and pink to give the room character.

In a room that is filled with light shades like white and grey, try popping in a lounge chair with a velvet pink or purple color to give it personality. Or, if you have an office that is crying out dullness with its infinite amount of dark tan wood, fill up a bookcase with accessories of earth-like colours such as dark green to build charm.

Keep in mind that too much color will cause the space to look cluttered, so limit your color palette. For example, in a bedroom try coordinating the nightstand, dresser and bed with the lighting, window treatment and artwork. Then, allow freedom of color throughout the rest of the bedroom.

3.nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; Be Aware of Space

If the room you are designing has too little in it, it will look plain and unstimulating. On the other hand, a room too full will feel crowded and messy. Find that balance and you will walk into a room that will fill you with comfort and embolden you.

When mix and matching furniture, be wary of scale. If you have a couch that is quite large and has square-like features, sit a thin-legged round side table next to it. The visual weight between a strong build and a petite structure will be complimentary.

4.nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; Take Advantage of Texture

Leftover, you have a wooden dresser, a silver-lined round mirror and a geometric glass candle holder. Three completely different textured types of furniture, how could you possibly fit these into your home to make use of them? You may think were crazy, but, put them all together.

When furniture and accessories placed beside each other all have the same texture, your eyes tend to simply glaze over. But when you place a textured object in the space, the elements pop

5.nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; Accessorise to Characterise

The ultimate and easiest way to successfully mix and match your furniture is through accessories.

Ensure the accessories are adding >

By following these tips, your mix and matching journey should not only be fun and lead to an end product that embodies who you are, but itll give you confidence to invite people to your home and to make use of the new space you have created.

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Can Landlords Manage Rental Property From Out of State?

Why buy out-of-state property?

Each landlord has a different reason for managing property out of state. You might have a piece a property in a popular vacation area, which can be a lucrative opportunity. Some landlords may also be looking to spread their properties around the country, or they might purchase property with the intention to retire there later in life. If you have recently moved to a different state, you may choose to keep your properties instead of selling.

What challenges can you expect while owning out-of-state property?

One of the main challenges of renting out homes and apartments in other states is local laws. You will need to understand landlord-tenant laws, property taxes, building codes, and other municipal regulations. You will likely need to find a lawyer in the area to work with. It may also be challenging to understand the neighborhoods in the city where you own property. Unless you lived there in the past, you will need to do research on the local schools, activities, and businesses in the areas where you are renting out homes.

How can you handle tenant >

Tenant-landlord >

When it comes to finding the right tenants for your units, an online rental application form can be an excellent resource. You can get basic information and interview tenants without needing to be there in person. And if conflict arises, its essential to be accessible by phone and email. Strong communication skills can compensate for a lack of physical presence.

When should you hire a property manager?

One of the best ways to responsibly rent out properties in a different state is to hire a property manager. However, because this is an investment, you should consider some factors. Landlords who do not have the time to devote to managing their own properties or those who own many properties could benefit from property management services. If the cost of property management fits comfortably into your budget, then it can also be worth the investment. A property manager will understand local laws and the local housing market. They can also be a great resource for managing tenant >
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Inspection vs. AVM vs. Appraisal

A property inspection is ordered by the buyers. While not required by a lender, its certainly excellent advice and buyers should order an inspection very early in the process. A property inspector will physical examine the property from head to toe noting the functionality of various parts of the home. The inspector will flip light switches, turn on the oven and cycle the dishwasher among a host of others. If any issues pop up, the inspector makes note.nbsp;

Where do you find an inspector? Your real estate agent can provide you with a list of inspectors they have worked with before and recommend. You can choose from this list or find one on your own. However, its the agent that knows the quality of work of each inspector, making sure your property is properly inspected.nbsp;

Many of the items are those that need some attention but wont affect financing. However, when major repairs are needed, the lender might want to have those issues addressed before any funding will take place. If the inspector details a bad roof, the property appraisal will also take note. Minor problems can be taken care of after the sale by the buyers, but some issues must be addressed upfront. A full appraisal calls these issues deferred maintenance items.

Once the inspection has been completed and reviewed, the lender can order an appraisal. The lender wont want to order an appraisal at the outset but wait for the delivery of the inspection. If ordered right away and you have to pay for one upfront, its possible the condition of the home isnt up to conventional standards and the lender cant place a loan on the property.

An Automated Valuation Model, or AVM, is a digital evaluation of the value of a home. An AVM will quickly research the database of similar homes in the area and compare them with the value of the subject property. Many equity loans only need an AVM. When a loan is submitted for an automated approval, the approval will state if an AVM is the proper report required.

An appraisal is also a valuation tool for a subject property but in this instance a licensed appraiser will physically visit the property as well as research recent sales of similar homes in the area. The appraisal can be exterior only or a full appraisal. Again, the automated approval will state which is required. A complete appraisal contains information on both the exterior as well as the interior. Pictures are taken and included with the final report. Most often the appraisal is confused with an inspection because with an appraisal the property is indeed inspected by a licensed appraisal.

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5 Tips to Save Time Setting up Your Christmas Decorations

1. Buy a Christmas Tree With the Decorations Already On

When you want to save a lot of time, consider investing in one of the many p>

2. Have It Organized

When youre putting decorations away this year, make sure that theyre organized to save yourself time next year. If youve ever found yourself unable to find your tree topper, or you feel like youre missing half of your ornaments, youll save yourself a lot of time by packing everything together in a logical way. Keep all totes in the same part of the attic, garage, or wherever you store your Christmas decorations so that you can find them quickly the next year. You can even have a computer file where you catalog where you put everything you pack away. And if you want to ensure that your ornaments will be intact the next year, use felt and other storage techniques.

3. Cut Down

You might be a Christmas decorator who pairs down regularly, but if youre not, take some time every year to cut out the things that are no longer bringing you the same amount of joy. For instance, if youve had Christmas lawn ornaments that are starting to fade or just arent that much fun to see in the front lawn anymore, get rid of them. If theyre in good condition, donate them to someone who will enjoy them. You can cut out hours of unpacking, packing, and setting up every year if youre mindful of what you actually want to keep.

4. Do Outside Decorating Earlier

If you live in a northern climate, you might know what its like to try to put up lights on the roof of a two-story house. You need to be more careful of slip hazards when ice and snow are present. Plus, your hands are freezing, which slows you even more. If you want to cut out some time, put up your Christmas lights before the weather is frozen.

5. Get the Kids Involved or Send them to the Grandparents House

If your kids are old enough, dont do it all yourself. Inviting your children to help with Christmas decorating isnt just a great way to build memories; its also a great way to cut down on the time that it takes to decorate. If youre still worrying that your toddler will stick something into his mouth, take him out of the equation by sending him to his grandparents house.

There are a lot of ways that you can cut down on the time that you spend decorating the tree and the rest of your house. In fact, there are time-saving hacks for cooking and other holiday activities, too. If you want to have a beautiful home for Christmas in less time, think about which projects will bring you the most happiness, and organize so that next year is even easier than this one.

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What Do Millennials Want? We Now Have a Better Idea

Millennials tend to have higher expectations than older homeowners did about their ideal starter home, according to a new survey by Clovered, said REALTOR Magazine.nbsp;

If you look at the buying trends of millennials, its clear that while they may be waiting longer to purchase their first home, their expectations of what that house should include certainly arent lagging. Compared to their parents and grandparents at their age,nbsp;fewernbsp;millennials are homeowners, but millions of younger peoplenbsp;havenbsp;invested in their own propertyand they might not be the starter houses youd expect, said Clovered. Despite living with their parents longer than any generation before them,nbsp;putting off marriagenbsp;for an increased time span, and sometimes strugglingnbsp;to find their dream jobs, millennials are going from perennial renters to owners of whatnbsp;might be their forever homes.

The company surveyed more than 1,000 millennial first-time buyers for insight into which features and amenities were highest on their list. Here are a few of the key points:

Home size

Does size matter? It does in pretty much every demographic, but millennials are the most sensitive when it comes to the amount of square footage they want in their home. Baby boomers ideal size home, according to the survey, is 2,949 square feet, Generation X prefers homes at 3,311 square feet, and millennials want the most space at 3,320 square feet.

Number of bedrooms

Millennials prefer 4.2 bedrooms, per the study, to boomers 3.7 and Gen Xs 4.1. While youre probably not looking to add a fourth bedroom just for the purpose of selling your home, this information may help you stage it intelligently. Clearing out that bedroom youve been using as a home gym or storage space and turning it back into a bedroom might be a good idea.nbsp;

Move-in ready

The top factors noted by survey participants had several things sellers cant do much about in terms of making their home more saleablethings like affordability of the area, local crime rates, short commute to work, and climate. Sellers can, however, do something about making their home move-in readyanother important factor for millennials.

Its hard to deny the emotional aspect of buying a home, Clovered said. When youre touring potential listings and trying to decide where you want to raise your family or put down roots, youre fantasizing about what life in that home could be like. Instead of thinking about where the house is located or how much youll have to pay in property taxes, its the tangible features of a home that really help sell it for most people.

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Drew Barrymores Peel-And-Stick Wallpaper Is Here to Dress up Your Holiday Home

We know what youre thinking: Isnt that for rentals? Let us tell you whats so great about peel-and-stick wallpaper regardless of where you live: Its temporary. It allows you to take risks with your interior design in a way you might not consider with less-temporary dcor items like, say, actual wallpaper. You can take it down and put something else up when you want your walls to rock a new trend. So, you dont have to live with the choices you make today for the next 10 years or more because you dread taking it down.nbsp;

Just how bad is it to take down real wallpaper? One Redditor on the OMG wallpaper removal sucks board commented that, I actually tore the walls down in my living room because I didnt want to steam the wallpaper off. I figured I could tear the walls down and rehang drywall faster than steaming and scraping.

Peel-and-stick is easy to put up, is repositionable, and comes right off in a matter of seconds when youre ready for something new. While youre considering gifts for loved ones, be sure to think about how great this would look in your house

Flower by Drew Barrymore

Wallpaper is one of the new additions to the fall Flower by Drew Barrymore line also introduced were new furniture pieces, bedding, accessories, art, and kitchen/dining items.. The lineup includes artistic and abstract prints, patterns, and colorways inspired by the season, said Walmart. Each 18 ft. x 18.86 ft. roll is priced from 34-49. And includes:

Navy Vintage Palm
Tropical Toile, Teal
Tropical Toile, Yellow
Peach Vintage Palm
Orange and Blue Vintage Floral
Yellow Vintage Floral Peel
Coral and Blue Art Deco Fan
Blue and Yellow Art Deco Fan

My dcor >
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