Hibiscus Island

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Miami Beach
Price Range: $2,200-$14,000,000

Hibiscus Island Description

Hibiscus Island is one of the many manmade island neighborhoods found right in between Miami Beach and downtown Miami, belonging to the former. The road that leads to the island aside, the island is astonishingly private. Large properties, heavy security and a very convivial environment make Hibiscus Island a delightful place to live.  Because it just as close to Miami Beach as it is to downtown, you have numerous options to choose from whenever you’re trying to figure out what to do during your free time.

Nearly all of Miami Beach is designated as luxury homes and the creatively designed Hibiscus Island homes are no exception. These waterfront mansions have astounding, luxurious architectural design and are perfectly located so that residents can enjoy the gorgeous sights and weather of sunny South Florida.  Because they’re considered luxury homes, Hibiscus Island real estate is generally multimillion dollar property with a large array of high end features.  Expect to see boat docks as one of the more common features available.

Head east, head west, go sailing, the choice is yours at Hibiscus Island.  Because the neighborhood has such an opportune location, you can always go shopping at Bayside or Lincoln Road, go to South Beach, go to the Miami Art Museum, it’s way too much to describe here.  Choose Hibiscus Island if you want to be near it all.

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