Marketing Plan Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan

Truly....there is no other company that even comes close! Our investment and internet penetration is the biggest in the industry ~ Ines Flax~

We have offices in over 45 countries

We have a website with real human translations in 15 languages

We have 50 currencies updated 4xs daily

Do our SEO in the native language of each country's google we target (i.e. Spanish in google.sp, German in, etc.)

Gather every 18 months with our agents from across the world to meet, network and showcase properties

We have specific targeted media partnerships worldwide with publications such as the International Herald Tribune, the BBC, South China Morning Post, WSJ (including) Asia and Europe versions), New York Times (including global version), Financial Times, Daily Telegraph, etc.)

- THIS MEANS ALL OF OUR LISTINGS are on the, WSJ, Exclusive in great places to live at, Daily Telegraph, James List, S. China Morning Post, and the only real estate company on Architectural Digest

The opportunity to participate in Sotheby's Auction House events worldwide

Each of our properties slide show translated in 5 spoken languages

Over 45% of the web traffic to come from outside the US

Over 72% of the people searching our site search in a language other than English

Our properties showcased not only on but on 80 affiliate websites worldwide

12,500 affiliated Sotheby's agents to network worldwide

We truly are the world's only Luxury International Brokerage, no one can touch what we do to reach the world's international elite!

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