Sunset Island

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Miami Beach
Price Range: $25,000-$3,775,000

Sunset Island Description

With a western view of Biscayne Bay, the quartet of neighborhoods known as Sunset Island Miami Beach offers a very scenic location. The relative seclusion and high quality of property available make these islands highly desirable and high-end in terms of quality, attracting names like tennis star Anna Kournikova and Latin singer Enrique Iglesias as well as renowned architect Chad Oppenheim and author of the South Beach Diet Dr. Arthur Agaston. Since Sunset Island is just north of the Venetian Causeway, their quiet and secluded location is highly opportune.

There’s an equal amount of Sunset Island real estate on the water and tucked deeper within the islands.  Sunset Island homes are rarely under four bedrooms and average around 5,000 square feet in living area. Some of the higher end properties of Sunset Island have up to seven bedrooms and over 10,000 square feet of living space. The words ‘large’ and ‘lush’ tend to be common adjectives used when discussing Sunset Island.

Like the majority of the manmade islands, Sunset Island belongs to Miami Beach. Though they seem miles from Miami Beach in their pleasant isolation, they are only minutes from some of the great attractions. Miami Beach also has a burgeoning art scene, some of the nicest restaurants in the country and luxurious spas.  Explore to the west of Sunset Island and even more places can be found in downtown Miami.

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